Hictop with auto-level crashes into bed.

Endstop Crash

Hictop Printers Crash into the Bed

You just bought your printer, you spent several hours assembling and slaving over the somewhat vague instructions.  Now you are ready to fire it up. You hit the power and whirr whirr…something is happening….its moving down towards the bed…Hey wait….Stop!! Grind grind buzz buzz  KILL SWITCH!!

Yeah, that happened to me, and from the sounds of my owners group it happens to others as well.

If you have a Hictop printer with Auto level, there is a fairly easy thing to check.  The Z-Axis sensor may be plugged into the wrong socket.  The Z-axis sensor is a minimum endstop type sensor.  It needs to be plugged into the socket marked Z- or Z Min. There are several instances of the wiring harness being plugged into the Z+ or Z Max socket.  Quick check for a troubling problem.

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